Error 508 / 503 - Resource Limit Reached

To help maintain the stability of servers and keep websites fast, UltraWebHosting has resource limits on our shared hosting and reseller plans. Our servers allow a hefty amount of processing and memory power but do not allow a shared hosting plan to take more than 5% of a processor on a server. This ensures there are always enough resources to keep every website running fast and protects other sites on a server from being brought down by a single website.

You can check your resource usage inside cPanel, going to Logs -> Resource usage. If you hit any limits in the last 24 hours, there will be a summary on this page. You can also view charts and graphs by clicking on the details link.

How can you reduce resource usage?

You can try disabling plugins or scripts which are not necessary, disabling any special features, add a bad bot blocker htaccess to your public_html to help prevent hack attempts and spambots, optimize your database(s), and/or optimize your scripts. Your webmaster or the script developers should be able to assist with this.

Bad bot blocker download

Spambots are a very common reason for a 508 error. Make sure your comments sections or forum areas are not receiving massive amounts of SPAM. If so, find ways to stop this from occurring.

Enable caching. When it comes to PHP scripts caching is very necessary to reduce load. This prevents the processor from being hit on every single request as opposed to processing once and sharing that processed information multiple times. Most PHP scripts now days have a caching module available.

This can also occur when your account is being attacked by spam bots as a result of a poor captcha or an out-dated script. You would need to update and secure your scripts in such a case as well. Using our bad bot blocker may be beneficial in such a case.

You can also check the document root of your websites for any error_log files, if you find an error_log file, you should take a look at the recent entries and fix any errors that are reported. Optimizing your database tables (if any of your sites are MySQL driven) via PHPMyAdmin is also a good way to keep things running smoothly.

If you are using WordPress which is a common high resource usage script, check out the following knowledge base article to help dramatically reduce the load of your account and speed it up in fact:
Improve Wordpress speed and optimize.

Need help optimizing a WordPress or Joomla website? We have optimization consultation available here: Website Optimization Consultation Service

Error 508, resource limit reached and how to correct it.

Still need more resources?

If you're unable to reduce your account's resource usages, the Ultra Unlimited Pro plan is available for upgrade. If your website is no longer suitable for a shared hosting environment we have additional upgrade paths as well. As we own and operate our servers we have plenty of scalable options available to our clients and you may find our high processor and memory usage plans here:

Ultra Unlimited Pro:

VPS Plans:

Dedicated Server Plans:

As you are an existing client we will waive your setup fee and transfer your complete account over for free. To do so use coupon code: FREEDEDICATEDSETUP.

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