What port is MariaDB - MySQL on?

MariaDB and MySQL, two popular open-source relational database management systems (RDBMS), use the default port 3306 to communicate with clients. This means that if you are trying to connect to a MariaDB or MySQL database, you will need to specify the port number as 3306 in your connection string.


The port number is a unique identifier for a specific service running on a computer. When you connect to a database, you need to specify the port number in order to tell the client where to find the database server.

In the case of MariaDB and MySQL, the default port number is 3306. This means that if you are trying to connect to a MariaDB or MySQL database, you can simply specify the hostname or IP address of the database server, and the client will automatically connect to port 3306.


However, if you are using a firewall or other security software, you may need to configure it to allow connections to port 3306. Otherwise, you will not be able to connect to the database.

If you are connecting remotely, be sure to add your IP address to the "Remote MySQL" section of your control panel with Ultra.
You will also need to send us your IP so you can be added to our firewall allow list.
You may obtain your IP address here...

https://whatsmyip.org and send the IP to Ultra support.

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