403 Forbidden error with Drupal after install

403 Forbidden error with Drupall

There are a few things you can do to fix the 403 Forbidden error with Drupal after install:


  1. Check your file permissions. Make sure that the web server has read access to all of the files in your Drupal installation, including the sites/default/files directory.
  2. Remove the following lines from the .htaccess file...
    Options -Indexes
    Options FollowSymLinks
  3. Remove the .htaccess file. The .htaccess file is a configuration file that can be used to control access to your website. If you have a .htaccess file in your Drupal installation, try removing it and see if that fixes the error.
  4. Clear your browser cache. Sometimes a corrupted browser cache can cause the 403 Forbidden error. To clear your browser cache, follow the instructions for your specific browser.
  5. Try a different web browser. If you're still getting the error, try using a different web browser to access your Drupal site.

Here are some additional tips that may help you fix the 403 Forbidden error:

  • Make sure that you're using the correct URL to access your Drupal site.
  • Check to see if there are any security settings on your web server that are preventing you from accessing your Drupal site.
  • If you're using a content delivery network (CDN), make sure that the CDN is configured correctly.

If you're still having trouble, contact Ultra for assistance.


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