WordPress Response Body too Large and Too many arguments in Request Errors

If you are receiving a response body too large error with WordPress it is a result of WordPress sending too large of a body and mod_security blocking this. There are a couple ways to correct this. The first is to increase the default response body limit in mod_security. When message bodies start becoming too large such as 2MBs+, backup your WordPress database and then empty the database table "wp_postmeta".

This can also affect "Too many arguments in request" errors in WordPress. Clearing "wp_postmeta" resolves this in our experience.

As always, we recommend having the latest stable version of WordPress as with any script installed. For WordPress, install a cache plugin such as WP Fastest Cache or W3 Total Cache to improve the performance of WordPress.


Note: If you are not sure which database contains your WordPress site, you can contact Ultra Web Hosting support for assistance.


Here are some additional information about clearing the wp_postmeta table:

  • The wp_postmeta table stores additional information about posts and pages, such as custom fields, terms, and comments.
  • Clearing the wp_postmeta table can help to improve the performance of your WordPress site.
  • However, it is important to backup your database before clearing the wp_postmeta table, in case you need to restore any of the information that was deleted.


If this is sounding too complicated, we recommend visiting your WordPress admin area, clicking on "Plugins" and add a new plugin called WP Sweep or a plugin called WP Optimize. These plugins are designed to clear these out for you and increase your WordPress performance.


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