How do I transfer my domain hosting to Ultra Web Hosting?

First you have to login to your account at the current registrar (where your domain name is registered now) and modify the Nameservers/DNS to ULTRA's.


If you ordered our Ultra 1x, Ultra Unlimited, Ultra Unlimited Pro, or WordPress Hosting these nameservers are...


Registrars usually have a username and password that you log in with to make these modifications. If you purchased your domain through us we do it for you. Otherwise search your emails. There should be an email from the old company when you signed up.

To transfer your domain name hosting to ULTRA so that future payments to renew your domain are sent to us, you will order a transfer here...


Be sure that the domain name is unlocked/active/available for transfer at the old registrar and that the email address tied to the domain is up to date.

Then send us the domain's EPP key/Transfer Authorization Code here. This code is like a password for moving a domain between registrars and can typically be found in your account with the old registrar.


We are here to help during any step of this process so please feel free to contact us at any time.



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