Dedicated Web Hosting – Important FAQs

One of the most persistent debates related to launching of websites is about the choice of web hosting. Courtesy of easy availability of multiple options like sharing, VPS, dedicated and so on, it is but natural for any website owner to feel confused as regards the choice of hosting solution. The best way out of the dilemma entails identifying a web hosting solution that empowers your website and ensures minimum crashes, specifically during the peak hours.

In such a situation, a smart decision would be that of opting for dedicated web hosting, which despite being expensive, will ensure that your website is up and running despite having hundreds of web pages. However, as a website owner, you must first understand what dedicated web hosting is all about to decide whether it is worth the high cost.

What Is All the Fuss Surrounding Dedicated Web Hosting?

This type of web hosting implies a situation wherein the website owner is provided with a server that is exclusively meant for hosting only his website and its branches. As a concept, it is in sharp contrast to shared web hosting in which the server space is shared by multiple websites. So if you opt for dedicated web hosting, you will be provided with a server which is solely dedicated to your website.

Because this server is under your ownership, you have the freedom of launching as many websites on it as you wish without paying any extra charges.

When Should You Opt For A Dedicated Web Hosting Package?

If you have a large website with plenty of technical requirements, then acquiring a dedicated web hosting package makes sense.

Most websites start small and at this stage, shared web hosting is suitable since it provides all basic functionalities in lieu of nominal charges. But a website needs to expand to keep up with the growth in business and this can lead to problems in shared hosting in terms of security, space, and functionality. These problems could culminate into your website crashing every now and then, particularly during peak hours or missing out on some unique features that could benefit its day-to-day operation.

Shifting over to a dedicated web hosting at this point could prove to be the viable solution since in addition to providing an exclusive set-up it would also enhance the overall security. An added advantage is that of customization wherein you can tweak the technology and script as per your website’s requirements. For a large website which is expected to expand further, dedicated web hosting provides the much-required flexibility of functioning.

Does Dedicated Web Hosting Accrue Any Benefits?

Having dedicated web hosting does have its advantages, which are discussed as follows –

Exclusive server – By paying a little more than you would for shared hosting, you will have acquired a server meant exclusively for your website. This translates into the absence of competition from other websites as far as the resources of the server are concerned. Since all resources are dedicated towards your website, the functionality would remain optimal irrespective of the density of traffic.

Heightened security – Not everyone is as concerned about the security of their website as you might be and on a sharing web hosting plan, this might pose a risk owing to the server is the same. With dedicated web hosting, this risk is averted because you have the freedom to act with due diligence and install anti-virus software packages and security systems o protect your website. Thanks to heightened security, chances of hacking and infiltration are minimized.

Flexibility to customize – A dedicated web hosting plan would provide you with an exclusive interface and you can use this to upload specific software programs, apps or scripts as per your liking. This flexibility also extends to the application of back-end technology wherein you can use your advanced knowledge to incorporate whatever technology you feel that would work well for your website.

IP address – Every server comes with a unique IP address and this is reflected accordingly in shared and dedicated web hosting plans. While a shared plan would provide you with an IP address that would be common to all other websites hosted on that server, a dedicated plan would give you an IP address that would be unique to your website. This distinct identity could truly come in handy if your online venture is commercial in nature and promulgates online shopping.

Stability – With a limited number of websites on the server, the time taken for the web pages to load is much shorter with dedicated web hosting as compared to shared web hosting. There is no question of overloading which often leads to slow response time and the performance of your website will be as smooth and as fast as it should be.

Final Word

Given the number of advantages, opting for dedicated web hosting plan is indeed tempting. So if you can spare the finances and have the wherewithal to operate and maintain your website under this hosting plan, then you must go for it. Another alternative is to hire the services of a professional service provider to look after your dedicated web hosting plan while you accrue the benefits.


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