I uploaded my images but I cannot see them in my html pages

There are a few possible reasons why your images might not be loading in your HTML web page:

  • Incorrect file path: Make sure that the file path in your src attribute is correct. The path should be relative to the HTML file that is referencing the image. For example, if the image is in the same directory as the HTML file, you would use the following src attribute:
<img src="image.jpg">

If the image is in a subdirectory, you would use the following src attribute:

<img src="images/image.jpg">
  • Missing file: Make sure that the image file actually exists in the specified location.
  • Incorrect file name: Make sure that the file name in your src attribute is correct, including the file extension.
  • Case sensitivity: File names and paths are case sensitive on most web servers. Make sure that the case of the file name in your src attribute matches the case of the actual file name.
  • Permissions: Make sure that the web server has the necessary permissions to read the image file.
  • Image corruption: It is also possible that the image file is corrupt. Try uploading a different copy of the image file to see if that fixes the problem.

Here are some additional tips for troubleshooting image loading problems in HTML web pages:

  • Try disabling any browser extensions or add-ons that you are using.
  • Try clearing your browser's cache and cookies.
  • Try opening your web page in a different browser.
  • Try opening your web page on a different device.

If you are still having problems, you may contact our support department here.

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