WordPress error "The uploaded file could not be moved to"

WordPress Upload Error

If you're getting the error message "The uploaded file could not be moved to wp-content/uploads/<year>/<date>", it means that WordPress doesn't have permission to write to the upload folder.

Don't set the permissions to 777! This is a security risk. Instead, open a support ticket with Ultra Web Hosting and we'll run the following command on the command line for you:


chown -R nobody /home/<username>/public_html/wp-content/uploads

This will change the ownership of the upload folder to nobody, which will give WordPress permission to write to it.

Here's why you shouldn't set the permissions to 777:

  • It gives everyone permission to read, write, and execute files in the folder, including malicious users.
  • It can open your site up to security vulnerabilities.

So, what should you do?

  • Open a support ticket with Ultra Web Hosting and we'll run the command for you.
  • If you're familiar with the command line, you can run it yourself.

Either way, don't set the permissions to 777!


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