Failed to lock proc mutex: Permission denied

The error : Failed to lock proc mutex: Permission denied can occur when using mod_ruid2 with mod_security where an IP session log is required. As modsec runs under the Apacher user account and ruid2 under the username running the process, this can result in write issues to global log files which are set to root or apache. To elliminate these errors from listing in the error_log file simply remove the security rules containing reference to global IP collections. Rules 900018-900021 typically follow under this classification.

# -- [[ Global and IP Collections ]] -----------------------------------------------------
# Create both Global and IP collections for rules to use
# There are some CRS rules that assume that these two collections
# have already been initiated.
SecRule REQUEST_HEADERS:User-Agent "^(.*)$" "id:'900018', phase:1, t:none,t:sha1,t:hexEncode, setvar:tx.ua_hash=%{matched_var}, nolog, pass"

SecRule REQUEST_HEADERS:x-forwarded-for "^\b(\d{1,3}\.\d{1,3}\.\d{1,3}\.\d{1,3})\b" "id:'900019', phase:1, t:none, capture, setvar:tx.real_ip=%{tx.1}, nolog, pass"

SecRule &TX:REAL_IP "!@eq 0" "id:'900020', phase:1, t:none, initcol:global=global, initcol:ip=%{tx.real_ip}_%{tx.ua_hash}, nolog, pass"

SecRule &TX:REAL_IP "@eq 0" "id:'900021', phase:1, t:none, initcol:global=global, initcol:ip=%{remote_addr}_%{tx.ua_hash}, setvar:tx.real_ip=%{remote_addr}, nolog, pass"

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