Whitelisting Our Support System Email Address

Whitelist Instructions

Because we use often use html emails with http addresses in them, our emails are sometimes unfairly placed in bulk/spam folders. Below are instructions from several key ISPs on how to whitelist our email address with their service.

You should whitelist our entire domain if possible. But if you need to do it on an email by email basis, make sure to include the following email addresses, in order to help ensure that all the emails reach you.




The default Spam filter setting for your Yahoo email account is set to send suspected Spam to your 'Bulk' email folder. To prevent our emails from ending up in the bulk mail folder , please follow the steps below.

1. Sign into your Yahoo email account.
2. Locate our email, select it and click not spam.
3. Click 'Options' from top menu on the far right
4. click 'Filters'
5. Click 'Add'
6. For the "Filter Name" field, type 'ultrawebhosting'
7. Make sure 'contains' is selected in the 'From Header' drop-down menu
8. In the space right next to the 'From Header' drop-down menu, type 'ultrawebhosting.com'
9. At the 'Move your message to' field at the bottom, select 'Inbox'
10. Click the 'Add Filter' button.



1. Login to your Hotmail email account
2. Click 'Options' on the far right
3. Click on 'Safe and Blocked Senders' under the Junk E-mail heading
4. Click on 'Safe Senders'
5. Enter the 'ultrawebhosting.com' and click 'Add'



To ensure that your system emails are delivered to your GMail inbox, please follow the steps below.

1. Sign into your GMail account.
2. Click 'Contacts' from the left menu.
3. Click the 'Create Contact' link.
4. Enter a name for your Contact
5. Enter '' in the 'Primary Email' box.
6. Click 'Save'.

Gmail always delivers messages from your contacts.



To adjust your AOL Spam and email filter settings, please follow the steps below.

1. Sign in to your AOL mail account.
2. Click the "Settings" tab.
3. Click "Spam Controls" from the left menu.
4. Choose "Off" if you would like all email delivered to your inbox. Choose "Low" if you would like email identified as Spam to be delivered to your Spam Folder. If you choose "Low" and you are not receiving emails from the system, check your Spam folder.
5. Click the"Control from Whom I get Email" button under "Additional Spam Filters".
6. Select "Allow mail from all senders".
7. Click "Save".



The default Spam filter setting for your Cox email is set to send suspected Spam to your SPAM Folder. To change this setting, follow the steps below.

1. Login to your Cox Webmail account
2. Click the Settings" button on the top menu bar
3. Click Spam Blocker Settings"
4. Click "Tag Junk Email with SPAM in the subject line and deliver to your inbox"
5. Click "OK"



If you are currently restricting email or need to check to determine if your preferences are set to restrict incoming email:

1. Sign in to Comcast Webmail, and select 'Preferences' from the left menu
2. Select 'Restrict Incoming Email' from the 'Preferences' list
3. Select 'Yes' to Enable Email Controls (If you do not want to restrict any email addresses click 'No')
4. Select 'Allow email from addresses listed below'
5. Enter ''
6. Click 'Add'


If you have a howto for a different provider. We will be happy to add it!

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