Changing your PHP version

Have you received an error regarding your PHP version?

If so, you may quickly and easily change your PHP version in your control panel with us.

Simply log in to your control panel (cPanel) and click the "MultiPHP Manager" icon. If "MultiPHP Manager" is not showing in your control panel, look for the "Select PHP Version" icon.

(If you need control panel login credentials please contact us)

Select the domain name that you want to change the PHP version for by clicking the checkbox next to the corresponding domain.

Select your PHP version from the dropdown menu and click the "Apply" button.

In most cases you will use the ea-php options. For example ea-php80 will switch your website to start using PHP 8.0. 

You can always change to other versions as needed.

The change is done quickly and automatically but you may need to press the refresh button on your internet browser to see the change when visiting the site. You may also need to clear your internet browser's temporary data/files.


Additional details about changing the PHP version with Ultra Web Hosting:

  • You can change the PHP version for individual domains or for all domains on your account.
  • The PHP versions that are available will vary depending on your hosting plan.
  • If you change the PHP version, you may need to update your website's code to make sure that it is compatible with the new version.

If you still need help, please contact Ultra support and we will be happy to assist you.




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