Error: SoftException in Application(dot)cpp:303 UID of script is small than min_uid

The error message "Error: SoftException in Application(dot)cpp:303 UID of script is small than min_uid" means that the script that is causing the error is owned by a user with a lower UID than the minimum UID that is allowed. This can happen if the script was uploaded by a user with a lower UID, or if the permissions on the script file were changed.

GID errors can also occur.

You can receive such an error if the ownership of your files are not setup properly.

To correct the issue be sure the ownership of your files are correct. To do so, use the
To fix this issue, make sure you have correct user and group ownership for the file that you are trying to access. With our service you would want to use the following:

chown usernmame:username filename.php

or to update the entire account use the following:

chown username:username * -R


To fix this error, you need to change the ownership of the script file to a user with a UID that is equal to or greater than the minimum UID. You can do this using the chown command. For example, if the minimum UID is 100, you would run the following command:


chown 100 script.php


Once you have changed the ownership of the script file, the error should be resolved.

Here are some additional things to check if you're still getting the error after changing the ownership of the script file:


  • Make sure that the script file has the correct permissions. The permissions should be set to 644 or 755.

  • Make sure that the PHP process is running with the correct user ID. The PHP process should be running with the same user ID as the user who owns the script file.

  • If you're using a content delivery network (CDN), make sure that the CDN is configured to serve the script file with the correct permissions.


If you've checked all of these things and you're still getting the error, contact Ultra Web Hosting for assistance.

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