Corrected SSL Issue Affecting Some Clients

We have corrected the issue affecting a few clients.

11th May 2015
New Video Tutorial for CloudFlare Available!

A video tutorial going over CloudFlare is available here:

CloudFlare Video Tutorial

4th Mar 2015
New Video Tutorial for the Client Area is Available!

A video tutorial going over our new client area is available here

New Client Area Video Tutorial

24th Feb 2015
WordPress Optimized Hosting

Our WordPress optimized hosting plan just became even faster with new technology!

Find out more:

1st Jan 2015
Client and Order Area Update

We value our clients and are constantly improving. We have listened to your feedback and have made the client area cleaner and simpler! The areas are now also mobile friendly and we have included some more useful tools including easier access to the unblock IPs. We want to make everything as easy as possible and will be including some video ... Read More »

20th Nov 2014
Ello Social Network Invites

The Ello ad-free social network is rapidly growing at 60,000 new signups every hour. This is the time to get in early and grab your vanity URL while it is available. Contact us and we will send you an invite!

27th Sept 2014
Major Bash Bug Vulnerability - Updated on All Servers

Bash is installed on many computers running operating systems derived from the operating system called Unix. That includes Macs and iOS devices, as well as a lot of servers running operating systems such as Linux in today's world like the enterprise versions we run. MacBooks and iPhones do not run Bash in an unsafe way so it is not as much of an ... Read More »

25th Sept 2014
New SEO Tools Available

We have added more search engine tools for our shared hosting clients via the hosting control panel! If you are a dedicated or VPS client we can add them for you upon request.

11th Sept 2014
Add Cloud Services to Your Website With Just a Few Clicks!

To the cloud! Our shared hosting clients (and dedicated server clients by request) can additional speed, redundancy and protection to your website with just a few clicks with CloudFlare available right from your hosting control panel! Under the Software/Services area you will find a CloudFlare icon. Follow the steps and after a few hours with a ... Read More »

28th May 2014
Heartbleed Vulnerablity, Risk and Fix

The Heartbleed bug ( is a serious vulnerability which affects SSL connections in OpenSSL 1.0.1 through 1.0.1.f. This vulnerability allows an attacker to read chunks of memory from servers and clients that connect using SSL through a flaw in OpenSSL's implementation of the heartbeat extension. OpenSSL ... Read More »

10th Apr 2014