Reminder: Avoid Webmail and Password Reset Phishing Emails

This is a friendly reminder to avoid clicking on links in emails which attempt to look like our service when you did not request a password reset. Attached is an example of a phishing email attempting to get your credentials:Our emails will not looking like this and when you hover over the link, you can tell this is absolutely not our website.Stay ... Read More »

25th Jun 2024
Shared Hosting Plan Capacity Change

We have always set out to be a hosting provider first, not an email provider. Unfortunately many have taken advantage of our unlimited space offering which has affected overall I/O performance for all clients on servers. In 60 days we will be changing our shared hosting plans to a 50GB cap. This remains far higher than our competitors with similar ... Read More »

3rd Jun 2024
Chat Updated!

We have updated our chat engine to be a little more friendly with page changes and mobile! 

13th Apr 2024
Price Adjustments

Thank you for your continued support of Ultra Web Hosting. In over 10 years of service we have not changed our prices and have always tried to be the most affordable. Due to global inflation our business will be making a small price adjustments to our services to continue providing quality support. The price increase will take effect on August ... Read More »

21st Aug 2023
We've updated DNS

One of the three shared DNS servers is now on a faster server resulting in faster initial lookups on website loads.

8th Mar 2022
Firewall Unblock Tool Update

Developer located a bug and the firewall unblock tool has been updated once again and should work properly again for you.

5th Jul 2021
Updated Unblock IP Tool

We have updated our unblock IP tool! It is now faster and more information is supplied.


5th Oct 2020
DNS Improvements

We have changed over our DNS servers to a faster-performing infrastructure. Time to first byte and load times of your website are improved as a result. DNSSEC is now also available. With this and enabling UltraSpeed in your hosting control panel, you should see very fast load times! Enjoy!

10th Feb 2020
Client Area Updated!

We have updated your client area again! There is a cleaner interface available to you, you may now have multiple credit cards on file, and you can link your Facebook and/or Google accounts to your account for easier login!


28th Oct 2019
Ultra Web Hosting Launches Two New Hosting Plans

Seattle, WA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 09/18/2019 -- Cornering the market on speed and effectiveness, Ultra Web Hosting gives customers a new way to do the same. The company recently announced the addition of NGNIX web hosting to its roster of services. The load balancing and page caching software will speed up web page loading for their Ultra 1x, Ultra ... Read More »

10th Oct 2019