Jul 15th We Have Updated Our Certificates!

We have updated our SSL certificates for email, cPanel and webmail. Be sure to update your email software or restart your device if necessary! 

If you are using the servername for the mail server, be sure you are using web###.ultrawebhosting.com instead of web###.ultrawebsitehosting.com

Jun 4th Faster Speeds!

Noticing your website loading faster? We have updated UltraSpeed web stack to be even faster than before! Enjoy! 

Apr 26th Bitcoin Accepted Web Hosting

Ultra Web Hosting now accepts Bitcoin! Find our press release here.


Jan 9th Updates

Updated client area! The ULTRA client area now includes better Weebly integration, one-click sign ins, control panel detailed information, client promotions, packages and updated unblock IP tool. 

Jan 6th Updated Website!

We have updated our website and client areas. New affiliate banners are also available!

Aug 8th We've Updated our SSL / https:// certificates!

We have updated our SSL certificate. As a result, if you are using a certificate for email or accessing the control panel be sure to use ultrawebhosting.com instead or ultrawebsitehosting.com in your URL.

Thank you!

Jul 20th Anti-SPAM and Mail Update

You may have noticed SPAM levels have dramatically dropped as we have beefed up our anti-spam system. Several layers of checks have been added so if you are having difficulty sending email, please be sure you have SMTP authentication enabled in your email software and you are logging in to send email. Any email which gets through and is marked ... Read More »

May 11th Corrected SSL Issue Affecting Some Clients

We have corrected the https://my.ultrawebhosting.com issue affecting a few clients.

Mar 4th New Video Tutorial for CloudFlare Available!

A video tutorial going over CloudFlare is available here:

CloudFlare Video Tutorial

Feb 24th New Video Tutorial for the Client Area is Available!

A video tutorial going over our new client area is available here

New Client Area Video Tutorial